We design  ECO-CENTRIC ARCHITECTURE - We believe in the shift from human-centric to eco-centric. For the longest of times our buildings are being designed around people and their needs. We now introduce a new set of variables in our working method: ecosystems, communities, climate, energy, material life-cycle and, of course, people. Human presence for us is not to damage the ecosystem but nurture it, enrich it and benefit from it.
We design TECHNO-LOGIC ORGANISMS - Technology has always been a catalyst for architecture. From caves to 1 km tall buildings. From bricks to nano-structures. Without technology, architecture would not be what we know of it. How can technology help us make our buildings smart(er)? What can we learn from nature’s inherent logic? How do we make use of advanced technologies to transform our buildings from inanimate boxes to man-made living organisms?
We design TIME - Time is an essential parameter to our design process. We create places that invite people to interact and evolve along with them. Our design approach orchestrates memorable yet open-ended experiences with multiple layers of stimulus.
UOOU studio is founded by Gian Santosuosso and Eri Pontikopoulou. Their work merges architecture with experience design to create environments that inspire connections; connecting people with spaces, the stories behind them and the experiences they deliver. The studio, based in London and Amsterdam,  works with a wide range of clients worldwide including brands, local communities, cultural institutions and private clients. The duo draws from extensive experience in culturally diverse working environments to provide innovative architectural design from a fresh and multicultural perspective.
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