Location: Milan, Italy
Type: World Expo National Pavilion

Project developed for and with MDLab, Agency of Place.
© by MDLab, Agency of Place. All rights reserved.
The World Expo's theme held in Milan back in 2015 was “Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life” encompassing technology, innovation, culture, traditions and how they relate to food. The exposition developed the theme in light of new global scenarios and emerging issues, focusing on the right to healthy, secure and sufficient food for the world’s inhabitants. This is the competition entry for the Polish Pavilion.  
A journey through Poland’s cultural roots.
The pavilion reflects the essence of a historic Polish family farm that has transitioned into the new, modern era; rolling landscapes touch the horizon and planted roots shoot up into an endless open sky, creating a grid-­based maze, encouraging child-­like exploration.  
The concept is derived from Poland’s deep farming and agricultural history. Poland’s rich soil has sustained life over the centuries with healthy, nutritious food. As visitors enter the vast planted landscape, it becomes a metaphor for exploring Poland’s cultural roots. Visitors don’t only eat but also hear the tales of the land and culture of Poland.  
From a distance, the pavilion’s high stem structures attract attention. As one gets closer, the structures connect to a field that plays with light and shadow, revealing an iconic structure within.  
Poland’s Cultural Roots: Media Space and Temporary Exhibition 
Central Gathering: Main Exhibition Space 
Open kitchen-Restaurant
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