Location: Your Living Room
Type: Product Design
Status: Concept​​​​​​​
The Dezeen x Samsung Out of the Box Competition is a global contest that challenges contestants to design innovative new objects. Inspired by Samsung's Eco-Package concept -aiming to reduce waste by providing customers with a way to repurpose its television packaging into new household items- the competition sought innovative designs for the home that can be made by repurposing cardboard packaging, to encourage users to creatively reuse the box their Samsung television is shipped in rather than throwing it away.
Our homes have never had to accommodate such diverse program: working from home, working out at home, home-schooling, e-hanging-out with friends, and much more, has been added to the list of requirements from our living spaces. ​​​​​​​
The design proposal repurposes cardboard packaging to create a 3D modular screen. Both a dividing and a uniting element, a screen can be an amazing tool to facilitate multi-programming within an apartment, office space, shared interior and help build an environment where people harmonically co-create. It can be a backdrop for e-meetings adding colour and interest, a space optimisation tool with lightweight storage capacity, a shade for ambient lighting.
It provides an additional surface for people to physically interact with -and with each other- and thus becomes an open invitation for human exchange. We imagine the screen as a 3D pinboard or calendar to get creative with, add onto, remove things from, idea map, organise events, pin tasks, sketch over. An opportunity for digital detox. To bring new life into otherwise unused material, we propose that what used to be TV packaging becomes a hand-crafted screen itself; a full circle from one screen to another bringing tactility in everyday life and bringing people together. ​​​​​​​
To repurpose as much of the packaging material as possible, we create three slightly different cardboard modules -one per packaging type. This results to three variations of the screen. What we love about this is the versatility to accommodate a number of scenarios when rotated, re-positioned, placed next to a wall or onto it. How to further use the screen is a call for creativity within our homes. 
Aiming for a circular economy where resources are continuously reused, this design piece is not an end-product but a dynamic object for ongoing customisation, exploration and fun. 
Project developed in collaboration with Chrysa Sarlani.
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