We design  ECO-CENTRIC ARCHITECTURE - We believe in the shift from human-centric to eco-centric. For the longest of times our buildings are being designed around people and their needs. We now introduce a new set of variables in our working method: ecosystems, communities, climate, energy, material life-cycle and, of course, people. Human presence for us is not to damage the ecosystem but nurture it, enrich it and benefit from it.
We design TECHNO-LOGIC ORGANISMS - Technology has always been a catalyst for architecture. From caves to 1 km tall buildings. From bricks to nano-structures. Without technology, architecture would not be what we know of it. How can technology help us make our buildings smart(er)? What can we learn from nature’s inherent logic? How do we make use of advanced technologies to transform our buildings from inanimate boxes to man-made living organisms?
We design TIME - Time is an essential parameter to our design process. We create places that invite people to interact and evolve along with them. Our design approach orchestrates memorable yet open-ended experiences with multiple layers of stimulus.
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UOOU studio is founded by Gian Santosuosso and Eri Pontikopoulou. Their work merges architecture with experience design to create environments that inspire connections; connecting people with spaces, the stories behind them and the experiences they deliver. The studio, based in Como and Amsterdam,  works with a wide range of clients worldwide including brands, local communities, cultural institutions and private clients. The team draws from extensive experience in culturally diverse working environments to provide innovative architectural design from a fresh and multicultural perspective.
Eri Pontikopoulou, UOOU Studio, Architecture, Design, Experiential Design, Amsterdam
Eri Pontikopoulou
co-founder | architecture | design
Eri [OU] studied architecture at the National Technical University of Athens, and did a Master in Advanced Architectural Design at the Graduate School of Architecture, Planning and Preservation of Columbia University, NY. She has worked on private projects in Greece, international competitions in Italy, Studio Fuksas and experiential design from an architectural point of view in Germany, MDLab and the Netherlands, Nike EHQ. Eri is currently based in Amsterdam.
Gianluca Santosuosso, UOOU Studio, Architecture, Design, Experiential Design, Milan, London
Gianluca Santosuosso 
co-founder | architecture | design
Gianluca [UO] studied building engineering at the Polytechnic University of Turin, and did a Master in Self-Sufficient Building at the Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia. With a strong focus on eco-architecture and experiential design, both in physical and hybrid environments (VR, AR and, more recently in the Metaverse). He has worked for a variety of international design firms including: ecoLogicStudio and Freeman in London,  Carlo Ratti Associati in Turin, MDLab in Munich. Gianluca is currently based in Como (Italy).
Gaia Cambri
Gaia studied architecture at the Accademia di Mendrisio in Switzerland, USI. She specialises in residential project. Gaia has worked in many international firms such as Studio Fuksas in Paris, Eric Chavoix in Mauritius, Progetto CMR in Beijing and Klotz Asociados in Santiago de Chile. Gaia is currently based in Milan.
Sara Giovinazzo
communication | ​​​​​​​marketing
Sara studied foreign languages for Management and international cooperation at the University of Turin. She is a young, motivated communication specialist with a strong proneness to challenges, which led her to be part of a UN language project overseas.
Jahid Anshori
architecture intern
Jahid earned his bachelor's degree from Brawijaya University in Malang, Indonesia. After graduating, he worked at various architecture firms in Jakarta. Currently, he is pursuing a master's degree in Building and Architectural Engineering at Politecnico di Milano. Jahid is passionate about green hospitality design, particularly its cultural aspects.​​​​​​​
Chrysa Sarlani
visual identity
Chrysa studied architecture at the Polytechnic University of Thessaloniki (AUTH), GR. With her work specializing in visual communication and brand identity, she collaborates with agencies, start-ups and individuals from Amsterdam, London, Dubai. Chrysa is currently based in Amsterdam.
Chrysa Sarlani
Theo studied architecture and urban planning at the University of Stuttgart. He is a young creative based between Athens and Stuttgart. Uses collages to express his ideas and create imaginative worlds where architecture is in the forefront. 
Past consultants
Shiryu Kawamura
architecture intern
Shiryu is a postgraduate student at Politecnico di Milano in the Mater's course Architecture-Built-Environment-Interiors. He is a motivated young architect, learning from professionals, Shiryu specialises in architectural design and creating photorealistic rendering images of architectural projects, which also doubles as his hobby,

Agne Vasiliauskaite
interior design
An interior architect with a Master's degree in Architecture from Politecnico di Milano. Her passion lies in transforming spaces into engaging, customer-focused environments. She is dedicated to delivering innovative space solutions that enhance the user experience and infuse each project with a creative and personal touch.
Davide Frati
Davide Frati
mep specialist
Davide studied building engineering and energy management in Perugia and Milan. He holds LEED GA, BREEAM AP, ENV SP and CIBSE LCC certificates and works with well-established international companies in the luxury industry. With a strong technical expertise, he takes care of all aspects related to building systems and performance.
Lucero Barrientos
 retail design
Lucero studied Interior Architecture in Lima and did a Master in Interior Design at Nuova Accademia di Belle Arti in Milan. She is specialised in visual merchandising with work experience in retail and in residential project. Lucero is currently based in Milan (Italy).  

Natalia Ledzianowska
communication and marketing (internship)
Natalia studied at NCAD in Dublin and graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts of Cracow. Awarded with a scholarship from the Polish Ministry of Culture and National Heritage, Natalia specialises in UX design, visual communication, marketing and brand identity.
Yuva Srikanth Vijayakumar
BIM specialist | architecture
Politecnico di Milano graduate with a strong foundation in architectural engineering. Seasoned BIM Specialist/Façade Engineer with over seven years of diverse project experience across the US, EU, and Middle East.Deep expertise in building physics, sustainable design, and urban landscapes.

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