Location: Athens, Greece
Type: Hospitality
Status: Concept
KaMa is a laid-back set up for casual get-together and urban small-scale events; it is a speakeasy in the area of Victoria Square, a neighbourhood in the city center of Athens undergoing change and in search for its current and near-future identity.
The first floor of the neoclassical building that this small backyard belongs to is used for short-term accommodation. As the owners are currently looking into bringing additional program into the ground floor and upper floor, a design study has been requested. The proposal looks at the backyard as a get-together spatial experience and explores qualities to be added to the everyday lives of the people living in the building above and the neighbourhood. KaMa is looked at as an opportunity to address and bring together the diverse community of the surroundings; locals, visitors and by-passers.
Project developed for a private client.
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