Location: Across Belgium
Type: Retail Design
Project status: Built
Project designed in collaboration with Matte Amsterdam and produced by Found, The Green Hybrid Retail Agency.
Kreatos is the largest Belgian chain of unisex hairdressers. In collaboration with Matte, Amsterdam we have been assigned with relooking at the presence of the brand in different locations across Belgium and propose a contemporary and consistent visual expression for all Kreatos facades.
To elevate the brand's image on the street we have created a 3-dimensional window installation that brings forward the brand's DNA in a neighborhood-friendly and yet assertive, identifiable and clear way.
The design introduces an explicit hierarchy; it eliminates the plethora of elements that appear on the storefront and accentuates the familiar red that the brand is associated with in a fresh, contemporary urban language.
Layering enhances the sense of depth and creates beautifully dynamic, ever-changing patterns. The window consists of simple, static elements and yet appears animated, breathable, alive referencing the brand's commitment to indulgence for all.
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