Location: Planet Earth
Type: Residential
Status: Concept
Onar (=ὄναρ) is an ever-changing perspective, a dream. 
Can you live small and yet live it all? Can you have maximum usable space in a minimum footprint? We have been asked to make a versatile and innovative home of 28 sq. m (=300 sq. feet). Overpopulation, the ever-declining amount of living space in cities, the pandemic. What is the next phase for urban living?
This is Onar; a mini-home that accommodates our rapidly changing needs in today's world by re-imagining freedom within familiarity. A home that compensates with tech-enabled innovation for what it lacks in size. How sweet can sweet home be? This project celebrates the idea of small-scale, yet resourceful living.
The two-level structure is held together by a modular vertical core, that connects the living spaces while serving functional purposes; electrical and plumbing elements (lighting, sockets, kitchen and bathroom sink, toilet, shower installation) and a sleeping bed for two are hosted in there.
Easily assembled and disassembled, this home is designed to be mobile and adaptable. It speaks to those who appreciate proximity to city centres, but also love to escape to nature every so often. Lightweight, modular and smart, Onar challenges the definition of home. 
Much more than a functional volume, this core becomes an essential expansion for each room that it opens up towards to optimize use of space. The modules for the core, slabs, semi-permanent pier foundation are flat-packed in a volume of 2.3 m3. 
Tech-enabled innovation
Once assembled the modules are wrapped in a lightweight, prefabricated, smart textile-based envelope with minimum needs of installation work on the building site. The multi-layered textile is breathable with high air permeability, thermal insulation and acoustic properties for a noise-free interior; it filters air, drains rainwater for household purposes and senses humidity level changes. It can be cleaned, folded and reused
The design accommodates its inhabitants’ take on housing program; rooms are not labelled and they flexibly accommodate preferences for a larger bathroom than kitchen and vice-versa. The flooring reflects the selected living scenario.
This is the home for the new normal; flat-pack it and plug it in wherever you are. Designed for the ever-mobile who call the world their home. They have little interest in accumulating objects, they gather experiences. Their treasure is up in the cloud, not in their closet. They appreciate proximity to city centres and also nature-escapes. They stay connected to their community yet also seek privacy. Lightweight, modular and “smart” this project re-defines “home”. Be at home but do not settle. Dwell the world.
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