Location: Saudi Arabia, Al Rayes
Type: Hospitality
Status: Built
We have been asked to come up with a design concept for beachfront cabanas within a
large hospitality complex in the Middle East. The initial brief had come to us with a clear source of inspiration for the project and the main building material selected; the architecture should be animated like ocean waves and work with timber to deliver a dynamic, yet construction-friendly outcome.
We have proposed an asymmetrical roof, pitched along the diagonal and raised on  two out of four anchor points to create an ever-changing image of the cabana from every  different standpoint. Due to the local weather conditions there is a very clear line between  exterior and interior space, with the possibility to have the latter air-conditioned.
Each of the cabanas includes a protected interior/relaxation space and a shaded area with  sunbeds and hammocks for common use and the material palette follows the sandy tones of the seaside.
Project developed for Sculptivate and Sela.
© by Sculptivate and Sela. All rights reserved.
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