Location: Suwon, South Korea
Type: Museum
Project Status: Built

Project developed for and with MDLab, Agency of Place.
© by MDLab, Agency of Place. All rights reserved.
S/I/M is a free public museum of innovation, charting mankind’s inventions from the era of electricity to the era of information. The halls become an expansive permanent exhibition providing visitors with 3 ample halls to explore and interact with the past, present and future of innovation ingenuity. The museum marks the first time the public is invited into one of the world’s leading consumer electronics research and development environments, which is also home to 40,000 of Samsung’s innovators.
HALL 1 / Seeds of Innovation
The way of life of mankind has developed through many discoveries and inventions. Particularly, the era of the 18th to the early 20th century saw a series of the most wonderful inventions that would change the history of mankind. "The era of inventors" presents important technologies in history and introduces great inventors. It provides an interesting learning experience, through which you can understand the fast development of modern civilisation and the background of the flourishing electronics industry.
HALL 2 / Core of Innovation
Led largely by corporations, the information revolution began and accelerated the development of our civilisation. That is, the 'era of corporate innovation' started.
The investment of corporations led to the development of the semi-conductor industry, which in turn accelerated information processing. Additionally, mass production and development of display products helped bring information to the public. Such changes accelerated the development of the mobile device industry and created a new lifestyle based on abundant information.

"The era of corporate innovation" consists of 3 zones: Semi-conductor Zone, Display Zone and Mobile Zone. Touring through these zones, you can experience the endless efforts of corporations for innovation that has enriched our lives.
HALL 3 / S/l/M Theater
The reason Samsung Electronics continuously works to innovate is to create value for mankind. At S/I/M Theater, you can watch a panorama of Samsung Electronics' determination and vision for an innovative future on a 180-degree surround screen.
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