Location: Dubai, UAE
Type: World Expo National Pavilion
Project Status: Concept
Project developed for Freeman in collaboration with Pico U.A.E. | Bruce Mau | FlyingArchitecture.
© by FREEMAN. All rights reserved.
The Canadian forest landscape is iconic and encompassing. At 400 million hectares, it accounts for 10% of the world’s forests and, with its beauty and majesty, it is the very spirit of Canada. 
Our Pavilion forest showcases Canada’s magnificent natural world and commitment to biodiversity. It invites visitors to experience a holistic world view in which humans are a part instead of the centre. A view which is the key to innovation, solutions, relationships and progress. 
And one in which Canada leads the way in answering the most pressing questions of our time: how will we (re)define our search for balance and harmony? How will we shape a future in an accountable and sustainable way? How do we connect to each other responsibly and meaningfully?   
Visitors will be drawn to the forest’s arresting architecture and then be enveloped in its trees. The forest is the key attractor and also the natural embodiment of the first and furthest part of the journey (the Source), laying the foundation for next stages (the Enablers and the Next Frontier). ​​​​​​​
The second and third stages are housed in a mirrored ‘Infinity’ beyond the trees, on the allocated plot. The Infinity mirrors the Forest, making it as seemingly endless as the Canadian Forests. The Infinity houses the VIP, conference and protocol functions, the functional spaces and offices.
The main show film we propose is a highly innovative technology system, delivering a powerful, emotional and memorable experience. It takes a personal approach and focuses on what the themes of Canada mean: how do they affect everyday people and their dreams and ambitions of the future?
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