Location: Piedmont, Italy
Type: Residential
Status: Under Construction
We have been asked to design a family house in the countryside of Piemonte, Northern Italy. The building's form takes its cues from the linear traditional local farmhouses, yet acquires a more contemporary and permeable façade to blur the boundary between interior space and nature. The long and narrow building comes with full-height glazing to immerse its inhabitants in the landscape.
The Y house draws its inspiration from the traditional farmhouse of Piemonte, known as "cascina piemontese". The roof follows the traditional local inclination while the linear housing volume assumes a "Y" shaped floor plan and accommodates a high privacy inner courtyard in-between the two wings.
The building is split in two volumes; the first, containing common use spaces such as: living room, dining room, kitchen. The second, containing the three bedrooms for the family, is opened up visually and physically to create targeted views towards the surroundings. Interior and exterior finishing are designed to call upon the building's rural surroundings.
Project developed for Sangallo Bioedilizia.
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